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Lillie – Looking in mirror this morning I think I look at least three years younger since my facial. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed it.

Leslie Frisbee – As a journalist working and living in Las Vegas, looking and feeling my best is important to me. So when it comes to fillers, lotions, potions and plumpers, suffice it to say, I have been around the block—LA, Vegas, Minneapolis, Miami, Chicago and New York—a few times. However, from now on, the only place I will go for anti-aging treatments is Artisan 57. Not only was the staff extremely friendly and professional, the results were far beyond my expectations. Besides being one of the top eye surgeons in the country, Dr. Tendler is an artist!

Sarah – I love the products at Artisan 57! They have so many options from face creams, to face wash, and under eye serums. I've used Latisse for a few months now and I love the way my eyelashes look! I've also had a BBL and laser peel at Artisan and my skin has never looked for felt so good.

Natalie – I learned more about the “why” of skin care during an Artisan event than I ever imagined possible. Dr. Tendler makes skincare perfectly understandable.

SS – The ladies in Artisan 57 make everyone they encounter feel beautiful- not only with the wonderful facials, products and procedures they offer but especially with their kind words!

Anna – The staff truly cared about my skin and my results. I felt welcome from start to finish and I now have the best skin of my life!

KS – I have been to many, many spas and medical skin care centers. Never have I been treated so well or had such amazing results as I have had with Artisan 57. The laser hair removal is incredible, and not nearly as painful as I have had in the past.

Susan - Thank you for the fantastic face treatment! I enjoyed the relaxing procedure. I can see the results as my skin feels smoother and brither! Looking forward to my next visit.