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Information About Consultations

What is a “VISIA®”?

The VISIA® is a state of the art imaging system that displays a clear, multidimensional portrait of your skin and highlights imperfections in your complexion. At Artisan 57 we encourage all clients to take advantage of our complimentary Skin Consultation. During this one hour consultation we will be asking a series of questions about your skin and lifestyle and now we are proud to introduce and include the results from our VISIA Complexion Analysis System. The VISIA portion of your consultation at Artisan 57 will serve as an informative experience for you to better understand your skin’s health and helps us design a specific treatment package to improve, restore and maintain your skin.

Why do we use VISIA?

With VISIA’s multi-point positioning system, our Artisans are able to evaluate the transformation of your skin over time. The advanced technology of the VISIA system is redefining the vision of skincare. With VISIA’s skin analysis, we can identify damaged areas of the skin, recommend treatments, and then reevaluate and document the progress of your skin after a period of time. We want our clients’ skin to look and feel great after investing in a treatment and/or using recommended medical grade products. We want our clients to experience measurable results. With VISIA, we now have the tools to help achieve that goal

How does VISIA work?

VISIA’s process functions by analyzing the skin when it’s clean - we gently cleanse your skin before the evaluation, and removing any foundational makeup or moisturizer. Once the your skin is clean, our Artisan’s capture a comprehensive profile of your face using the VISIA imaging system. Images captured using VISIA display skin irregularities, wrinkles, textures, pore size, UV spots, vascularity, and bacteria and oil conditions of the skin. We then record this information and immediately use it to identify your specific skin concerns and conditions. Once we’ve identified the conditions and concerns we develop a treatment, package, or program to help you achieve your healthy skin goals.

Skin Care Options and Alternatives

The VISIA system is advantageous in identifying your irregularities and unwanted skin conditions. With this knowledge, our Artisans are able to determine what treatment (s) or combination of treatment and products will work best for you. Options for treatments include Lasers & Lights: Skin Resurfacing (Halo, MicroLaser Peel & ProFractional XC), Broadband Light Treatments (BBL), Injectables and Fillers. Dr. Alison Tendler MD - board certified Ophthalmologist Surgeon has extensive training in these aesthetic procedures and will be your provider. Alternatives services to Laser Treatments and/or Injectables are Facials, Medical Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and Hydro Facials along with education and recommendations on medical grade skin products. Our certified Estheticians, Abbey and Molly provide these services. So, make your appointment for your Complimentary Skin Consultation today – experience the new technology of the VISIA and start your journey to improve, restore and maintain your skin health. Call the Artisans!

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